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LED Components

LED Components

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) will one day replace the Edison light bulb. Unlike incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lights, LED base lighting technology has the ability to last well over 50,000 hrs (or 5 years). The LEDs we carry are the highest quality in the industry and can be applied to a wide variety of lighting applications.

LUKE INDIA LED is a leading provider of energy efficient light bulbs, super bright lights, lamps, and opto-electronic semiconductor components. Our low-watt light bulbs consume a fraction of energy that incandescent bulbs use. Choose from a variety of replacements for screw in light bulbs Great for small rooms, hallways or reading lamps.

LUKE INDIA offers a line of led display components for both indoor and outdoor design applications. Modulated led cluster components for outdoor display solutions to our dot matrix leds, all of which uses the latest and most reliable led die technology. Features our unique line of white 7 segment and alpha-numeric led display indicators, superior in brightest and color contrast; also availability in white led dot matrix.

Lamps that are highly reliable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our feature products include unique multi-color functionalities in our oval and 5mm led lamps - for outdoor signage, device indicators and sensors.

A line of high quality surface mount leds in packages: 0603, 0805 & 1206 chip smd leds, power top led (3.5mmx2.8mm), along with our popular axial and dome smds.