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LED Products

LED Products

Energy Efficienct
LED are the latest technology in lighting field. They are highly energy efficient lighting source. The lumen efficiency and CRI of LEDs are much higher when compared to other lighting sources. Due to this in lighting field, LEDs cansave 60 -70% energy whencompare to other lifgting sources. For examplea 100W LED street Light can replace a 300W HPSV lamp.

LEDs are projected to produce a long service life of about 100,000Hours. For this reason LEDs are idel for hard-to-reach/maintain fixture such as exit sign lighting and combined with its durability, pathway lighting.

UV Emission / Infrared
LEDs produce no UV radiation and minimal heat, making themidelfor all applications

Other Benefits

  • Lights instantly
  • Can be easily Dimmed
  • Silent Operation
  • Low-Voltage Power Supply